• Worked to create real solutions to our housing and homeless challenges through mandatory audits.

    Ahsha passed laws to streamline housing construction and to build affordable housing for seniors and low-income families. He recently led the effort to pass Prop C, utilizing audits to ensure homeless funds are spent helping get people off the streets.

  • Fought for working families and frontline workers.

    Ahsha helped raise the minimum wage in San Francisco to $15/hr, secured better working conditions, passed a Retail Workers' Bill of Rights, and secured a citywide Project Labor Agreement to increase wages for workers.

  • Free City College for all San Franciscans

    Ahsha championed opportunity for the next generation with Free City College and helped pass the Student Success Fund, providing millions annually to our public schools to close the achievement gap and boost literacy.

  • Fought back against City Hall corruption.

    Ahsha led the effort to protect the City’s ethics oversight committee after the current mayor tried to cut its budget. He also passed a law requiring tough oversight on organizations receiving City funding after the FBI indicted several City department heads.

  • Helped small businesses struggling to make ends meet.

    Ahsha has directly helped small businesses facing challenges starting and doing business in San Francisco. He eliminated burdensome fees for the expansion of parklets and outdoor dining during COVID, and helped rein in delivery companies from gouging small businesses.

  • Led on public safety and to stop organized retail theft.

    Ahsha introduced a law to bring more foot patrols to our neighborhoods to increase safety, and passed another law to allow Deputy Sheriffs to patrol our commercial corridors.